NEOSS held Breakfast with the Guys


Breakfast with the Guys was held on April 16th and 17th, 2019 in Melfort and Tisdale respectively. There were a total of 50 men who attended the event. It is focused on informing and inspiring men to take action to help end domestic violence.

Tuval Nafshi with Leading Change of the Alberta Council of Women’s Shelters is the keynote speaker. Eduardo Beggs and Mike Benjamin from RCMP talked about local statistics and what are the services available in the community.

Men are uniquely equipped to make positive change for women and girls living with abuse because men:

  1. Can be positive role models for other men and for young men;
  2. Hold key positions in the community can help build a momentum for change; and
  3. Fill roles as fathers, grandfathers, uncles and sons allowing them to influence other males in their family.

Domestic violence is not, “a woman’s issue.”  It is a human issue.  This event explores a different aspect of domestic violence including the root causes, and moves attendees to do something about it.


Thank you’s:

Tisdale Kinsmen – donated $500

Canalta Hotels – donated a meeting and guest rooms


Some feedback received from the attendees:

The ‘conversation’ was open, honest and frank about the prevalence of domestic violence and abuse in our society. We all have a role to play to eliminate this from our community and need to adopt the strength to act when we become aware of this occurring. It takes a community to raise a child, but also a community to stop domestic violence and abuse.

Keep up the great work.

-Jason Everitt, Fire Chief / Director of Protective Services


Some of the Stats regarding the age when abuse begins are sobering

I didn’t know how prevalent the problem is here , ie the numbers of police interventions made

I didn’t know that when the police is involved, charges must be laid

-Larry Falk, Financial Advisor


Much of the info that he shared this morning was not new to me but the one thing that got me thinking was the chart on the wall with the question, “What do we as men do to protect ourselves from physical or sexual violence?” and how short of a list that was compared to what a woman does to protect themselves. Most men don’t even think about it whereas women, almost always have to think about it. Women are much more vulnerable than men in many cases but not always and as such, we need to do our best to protect the vulnerable peoples in our society as well as teach and help them and empower them to be the best self they can be in our community. This begins by being a leader by example; by being the change we want to see in society.

-Capt. Rick Robins, Corps Officer/Pastor The Salvation Army NEC


I was moved by how prevalent domestic violence is, as expressed by RCMP officer Mike Benjamin. There were a lot of issues about the psychology of domestic violence victims that was new to me, such as them changing their account of the events by the time they get to trial.

As for the main speaker, I was struck by how many ways that women have to keep their guard up against sexual violence compared to men. This was something that I had never thought about. I appreciated the speakers perspective that we need to address the root issue of why domestic violence is occurring, and not just treat the victims of it. This seems to me like a wise plan of action and one that hopefully will reduce the prevalence of these issues in the future.

-Luke Bergmann, Associate Pastor Tisdale Alliance Church


I enjoyed the entire event, starting with the breakfast, and certainly all of the presenters were informative, & interesting allowing me to stay with and absorb the information. The messages were important and certainly gave me a lot to think about. I hope that it will help me to do the right thing if I am ever confronted with a situation. Thanks for the opportunity to be there. 

-Gord Denton


I have been wondering for a while if there was something I could do. So when I heard about the event, I really wanted to get as many as I could there. It was very encouraging to see how many came. When the speaker asked what we as men do to not being harassed, abused or assaulted? We came up with three, and twice as many for women. Then the women added even more . As you know with our involvement with fostering girls and our home in Ontario for rehabilitating gals from the sex trade. I, we are very disappointed with choices men are making. That is one of the reasons I was interested in the event NEOS organized.. Well done!!

-Keith Burns, Victim Services